JOY and Sorrow

My question for today is, should  joy and sorrow in the life of a Christian exist at that same time?  Can joy and Despair co-exist or is it either your joyful or your depressed.. Can you say I am joyful in my depression??  I am not talking about happiness here, I am not talking about a nice feeling , I am talking about the Joy only God can give.  If we mix up happiness with joy we will totally miss the boat.  Happiness is fleeting and dependent on circumstance, where Joy is something other something that doesn’t depend on circumstance but on God.  Knowing God is sovereign over all things, not just knowing it as knowledge, but knowing it as experience.   Have the mind set that says even in this suffering I see joy, I see God working towards my Good, towards my sanctification.

Is depression itself sinful?  If Adam had not sinned would depression exist?  Does depression come as a part of the fall?  Sin entered the world through one man Adam and because of this sin there are consequences, one of them is depression or sorrow.  We cannot live in a sinful world  and not experience some sort of sorrow, we cannot expect to live in a sinful world and not be touched by sorrow. Choosing to love in this sinful world will cause sorrow. You cannot walk in love and not have sorrow or depression there with you, to see the evil things done to man made in Gods image should cause you to sorrow, to see the sin in our own lives should cause sorrow.  Sometimes loving is heart breaking, a mother who has a still born child  or a miscarriage knows the pain her love has caused, because she loved that growing child in the womb now she must bear the sorrow over losing it.  If she had just chosen to remain detached and not loved, it wouldn’t be so painful. We can experience sorrow, while still realizing God is in control and he will work this too our good, that being our sanctifying good. I think Sorrow and joy are supposed to walk together, for to actually make it through something awful and not give up we must have joy with us it is our strength, it the reason we don’t give up hope when all seems hopeless.. What are your thoughts I’d love to hear them.


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